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Title Speaker Date
What the blind man heard! Bro Kody Price 2017-04-30
My House shall be called a House of Prayer James Lumpkin, Jr. 2017-04-30
Leaving the Land of If Only Frank Jordan 2016-08-21
God is enough Bro Kody Price 2016-08-21
Rev Needham~ What is the market value of a soul? 2016-08-14
Get in the Game James Lumpkin, Jr. 2016-08-14
We must give our all Bro Kody Price 2016-07-31
We must have a Rhema (Word) from God Bro Stephen Sanford 2016-07-31
The 10 Commandments James Lumpkin, Jr. 2016-04-04
I just don't understand James Lumpkin, Jr. 2016-04-04
The God of the harvest 2016-03-23
Who wants to be vetted? James Lumpkin, Jr. 2016-03-20
A little good news James Lumpkin, Jr. 2016-03-06
It still takes the blood James Lumpkin, Jr. 2016-03-06
Revelation James Lumpkin, Jr. 2016-02-28
Bro Thomas Rev. B. J. Thomas 2016-02-28
The Fir Tree and the Myrtle Tree Bro Kody Price 2016-02-17
The Lord's Treasure Bro Stephen Sanford 2016-02-14
Things that shape our hearts Bro Stephen Sanford 2016-02-14